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About Us

Sacred Mountain Fighting and Healing Arts provides premier martial arts instruction to Flagstaff and Northern Arizona. Located conveniently in the South Side neighborhood of downtown Flagstaff, we offer comprehensive education in Shaolin kung fu, Tai Chi Chuan, practical self defense, and traditional Chinese lion dance.

At Sacred Mountain, we believe in providing a holistic, well rounded education.  Incorporating hard and soft styles as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory for our Little Dragons and adult programs alike, everyone can find a home in our positive, judgement-free environment.


  1. Adult Kung Fu program image, Sifu Banks explaining martial application to students
    Adult Program
  2. Little Dragons Kung Fu program image, practicing line boxing
    Little Dragons
  3. Tai Chi program image, Tai Chi at the Coconino Fair Grounds, Flagstaff, AZ
    Tai Chi
Our adult martial arts program is a comprehensive system, designed to train in and assist with the following:

  • practical self defense techniques 
  • level of threat assessment
  • responsibilities of a martial artist, both morally and under the law
  • traditional form training in Five Element, Five Animal 108 Southern Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) five element theory
  • flexibility training
  • personal growth
  • weight loss and physical fitness
  • increased mental focus
  • respect and courtesy
  • possibility for rank advancement and achievement
We offer a children's program tailored to the active bodies and developing minds of our youth, keeping in mind that our children today will be the leaders of tomorrow. It is designed to develop essential attributes necessary for today's youth, such as:

  • physical fitness
  • focus
  • control
  • respect and courtesy
  • listening skills
  • basic 5 element TCM theory through martial technique
  • traditional form training in Five Element, Five Animal 108 Southern Shaolin Kung Fu
Our internal arts / Tai Chi program offers an experience unique to the traditional Tai Chi program, and covers and assists with:

  • comprehensive training for young adults and elderly alike
  • Qigong meditation and breathing practice
  • Qigong Shaolin form training
  • traditional Yang style Five Element 108 Tai Chi Long Form
  • ​Tai Chi as a form of self defense
  • balance and flexibility
  • mental acuity
  • arthritis relief
  • lowering blood pressure and associated heart issues
  • sleep problems
  • maintaining bone density
  • increased strength and endurance

  1. Adult Beginner Kung Fu schedule image, Sifu Banks teaches practical application
    Adult Beginner
    Monday: 7:15 pm Tuesday: 12:00 pm Wednesday: 7:15 pm Thursday: 12:00 pm Friday: 7:15 pm
  2. Adult Intermediate Kung Fu Schedule image, Ms. Richards works on BOB
    Adult Intermediate
    Monday: 6:00 pm Tuesday: 6:00 pm Friday: 6:00 pm
  3. Adult Advanced Kung Fu Schedule image, Mr. Vash practices crane style
    Adult Advanced
    Wednesday: 6:00 pm Thursday: 7:15 pm
  4. Little Dragons
    Little Dragons
    Beginner: Mon/Thurs: 5:00 pm Intermediate: Wednesday: 5:00 pm Advanced: Friday: 5:00 pm
  5. Certified Instructor Training Schedule image, 9 Dragons instructors under Master Michael Kaneen and Grand Master Xiao Puquan
    Instructor Training
    Tuesday: 6:00 pm
  6. Tai Chi Schedule image, students do Tai Chi at Fort Tuthill, Flagstaff, AZ
    Tai Chi
    Saturday: 9:30 am Free to the community.
  7. Lion Dance schedule image - Sacred Mountain Lion Dance Team at NAU Chinese New Year Celebration
    Lion Dance
    Second Saturday of the Month: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  8. Open Training Schedule Image, Mr. Washburn and Mr. Higgins working focus mitts
    Open Training
    Mon: 3 - 5 & 8:15 - 9 Tue: 11:30 - 12 & 4 - 6 Wed: 3 - 5 & 8:15 - 9 Thu: 11:30 - 12 Fri: 3 - 5 & 8:15 - 9
  9. Black Belt Class Image. First generation black belt graduates with Instructors Burns and Guzman and Master Kaneen
    Black Belt
    Thursday: 6:00 pm

    Little Dragons Graduation
    When: 5:00 PM
  2. SATURDAY: MAR 2, 2019
    Hook Sword Seminar
    With Sifu Banks When: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  3. SATURDAY: APRIL 27, 2019
    Ditang Quan Seminar
  4. MON: FEB 25 WED: FEB 27
    Adult Graduation
    When: 7:15 pm
  5. SUNDAY: MAY 12, 2019
    5th Anniversary Celebration
    Come Celebrate Sacred Mountain's 5th Anniversary! Demonstrations, Lion Dance, and other activities for the whole family. Details to come.
  6. SATURDAY: APRIL 27, 2019
    Ditang Quan Semianr
    With Master Izaak Long When: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Falling and rolling basics required
Photo Album
  1. Our lion dance team performing at Northern Arizona University for Chinese New Year.
  2. Mr. Rivero and Ms. Richards celebrating their gold sash graduation.
  3. Sacred Mountain students warming up for training.
  4. Sifu Banks with his peers and mentors at 9 Dragons Kung Fu in Phoenix, AZ.
  5. Sifu Banks detailing a joint lock.
  6. Mr. Vash assisting Little Dragons with parallel boxing.
  7. Mr. Mossman using iron rings and dynamic tension to build strength.
  8. Mr. Bustamante-Porter warming up with his nan dao, or Southern broad sword.
  9. Little Dragons and assistants bowing in before training.
  10. Managing Director
  11. perfect practice makes perfect.  Ms. Rasmussen working her side kicks!
  12. Mr. Higgins and Mr. VanEn training with iron rings.
  13. Mr. Zaughsome pushing through horse stance
  14. Ms. Higgins giving BOB a piece of her mind.
  15. Sacred Mountain Students after another grueling graduation!
  16. Mr. VanEn and Mr. Quenelle demonstrating bear hug escapes.
  17. Ms. Strauss digging deep roots with her horse stance.
  18. Our summer camp participants showing off their hand-made lions!
  19. Our lion showing it's good side for the camera at Flagstaff's Fall Cornucopia!
  20. Mr. Rasmussen demonstrating his nunchucks at Flagstaff's Fall Cornucopia event.
  21. Mr. Doyle receives his hard earned white sash.
  22. Ms. Rhodes and Ms. Ellis demonstrating five animal kung fu with anatomical striking.
  23. Sacred Mountain students push their bodies to the limits!
  24. Sacred Mountain's Little Dragons "made a muscle" and raised almost $4,000 in 2015 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
  25. Sensei Joey of Mukei Goshin Jutsu preparing to train hard.
  26. Sensei Noel dissects movement and technique for efficiency.
  27. Sensei Alex demonstrating a take down at the 2015 MGJ Retreat.
  28. Sifu Banks and students completing the Terrain Mud Run.
  29. Sacred Mountain students celebrating a successful Mud Run.
  30. Sifu Banks with Women's Self Defense Course graduates at the Hotel Weatherford in Flagstaff, AZ.
  31. Sifu Banks coaching Women's Self Defense participants through grab defenses.
  32. Master Kaneen teaching drunken boxing to Sacred Mountain students.
  33. Master Tamara Kaneen teaching a seminar on how to create a healthy, balanced raw food diet.  Yum!
  34. Start your training today!
  35. Students and Instructors from Sacred Mountain, 9 Dragons, Jade Moon, and Dragon Legacy practicing rope dart under Grand Master Jerry Cook.
  36. A healthy body has good range of motion.  Mr. Tan demonstrates!
Lion Dance
Lion Dance image, Ms. Secord and Mr. Vash dance a Coconino High School
  1. Lion Dance image, Sacred Mountain Fighting and Healing Arts and 9 Dragons Kung Fu lion dancers with Master Michael Kaneen and Grand Master Jerry Cook
  2. Lion dance image, Mr. Vash and Ms. Ellis pose with the lion

Sacred Mountain Fighting and Healing Arts is home to Northern Arizona's sole Lion Dance Performance Team.

Lion dancing is an integral part of Chinese culture. Lion Dance is performed to chase away evil spirits, bringing forth luck and prosperity to the establishment, event, or couple or individual.  

According to an ancient legend, a Chinese emperor once dreamed that a strange looking animal resembling a lion saved his life. Since then, the lion has become a symbol of good luck throughout China.

Performed by only the most accomplished martial artists, our team brings the highest level of skill to your special occasion for your customers and clients.  We are always honored to be a part of your event and bring happiness, luck, and prosperity!

How do I book a dance?

You can book your next lion dance by calling Sacred Mountain Fighting and Healing Arts at:

Or, you can get in touch with us

Please include the date and time you would like us to perform.
When is a Lion Dance appropriate?
The answer is: any time you wish to bring a unique experience to any event!  Some examples:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Business Grand Openings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Special Occasions
What can I expect?

Each lion dance varies according to the occasion and situation, but each dance includes:

  • Traditional Bow - used to open and close a lion dance, it shows humility and brings luck.
  • Respect to Guests of Honor - the lion shows respect and humility through bows throughout the dance to honored guests
  • High Walk - showing pride and curiosity in our surroundings
  • Low Walk - showing an inquisitive nature and attentiveness
  • Play - fun!  The lion acts youthful and playful, and interacts with the crowd and surroundings
  • Choy Cheng "Eating the Greens" - the finale, the lion will pick up and eat a head of lettuce, retrieving a red envelope of money inside, then spits out the remaining green, spreading good fortune to the audience
(928) 864-8707
via email.
3rd Degree Black Belt
Sifu Matthew Banks
This is an image of Sifu Matthew Banks
Matthew Banks has more than eighteen years training in the martial arts, and is a certified instructor in the Southern Shaolin Tiger Crane system, Shaolin Northern Long Fist, and Yang style Tai Chi.  Sifu Banks also trains in Chen Family Tai Chi and Shaolin Qi Gong, as well as nutritional guidance and health and wellness via Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  In addition, Sifu Banks holds the rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in Mukei Goshin Jutsu, accredited under Nin Sho Ryu karate, and has received training in numerous weapons systems, as well as Xing Yi Quan, Muy Thai, Tang Soo Do, Shotokan karate, Kenpo karate, Bagua Zhang, Wing Chun and 18 Buddha Palm, and American boxing.  Sifu Banks is a 34th generation disciple of Shaolin Temple.  His Buddhist title is Yan Kun.

Sifu Banks is a strong advocate for community outreach, and has taught regular self-defense / rape prevention seminars at university campuses throughout the state. At 9 Dragons Kung Fu, he was co-instructor of the 9 Dragons Youth Demonstration Team, which provides dedicated youth an opportunity not only to further their martial arts, but learn to become stewards of their community through regular fundraising activities for the local community. 
Master Michael Kaneen
This is an image of Master Michael Kaneen
6th Degree Black Belt
Sifu Kaneen began his training in the martial arts at 14 years of age, and has been training now for more than 25 years. He has been blessed to learn under amazing teachers that range from Shaolin Monks to Martial Art Hall of Fame Members to Olympic Athletes. Sifu Kaneen has trained in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino and Western boxing systems and is currently ranked as a 6th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor. 
Master Tamara Kaneen
5th Degree Black Belt
Wife, Mother of two girls, 5th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor, United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee, Yoga Teacher, Certified Raw Food Teacher, Coach and Chef, Super Food Nutritionalist.

Believing that Health and Wellness is the balance between our bodies, the foods we eat, our emotional state and our daily habits, Tamara Kaneen has focused her teachings on the internal arts of Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Nutrition, and lifestyle habits that enhance longevity.

Bringing the latest information, merged with the ancient wisdom of the past to each of her classes, seminars, and videos are key ingredients in helping her students achieve health and wellness. In her effort to continually learn and ensure the effectiveness of her teachings, Tamara studies and attends seminars & workshops with some of the world’s leading experts.

Teaching classes, seminars, and providing private coaching, Her passion for health, wellness & the internal arts of yoga & tai chi are inspiring and contagious.
This is an image of Master Tamara Kaneen
Grand Master Jerry Cook
10th Degree Black Belt
This is an image of Grand Master Jerry Cook
Jerry Cook started the martial arts in 1971, in Junior High he studied boxing, wrestling & shotokan under master Charles Dixon. In 1974, he taught Parkers kenpo karate through high school eventually receiving a black belt from the AKKA. In 1980, he studied akido with John Takagi. During 1984, he received a black belt in okanawan go-ju-ryu with sensei Alverez. Then in 1985, he learned tiger & crane from Buck Sam Kong and later masters such as Hung & Ru Hu Zhu. He also learned the 116 wing chun mokjong from master Fong. 

In 1987, he learned 108 ba-kwa from Dr. Wong and later masters such as Hsu & Ting-jue. He received a black belt in green dragon kung fu / shuai chaio / chang 108 taichi from master Chicoine, and 108 long fist 1-10 fighting methods from master Ma, and later Pan Qing Fu's 18 combat style. In 1990, he received a black belt in Budo kan ju-jitsu from Dr. Anglen. During 1992 he started work with Jin Heng Li in wu shu receiving a black sash. 

In 2002, he received a 7th° black belt in kajukenbo certified by c- jo Emperado, and Grandmaster Pierce. He also started his studies with shaolin monk Shi Yong Kkai in styles of yi-chin-ching, baji & chen taichi; he also worked with Chen Xaio Wang, Chen Bing, and Chen Zhang. In 2005, he received one of the most knowledgeable master’s awards from the Martial Arts Hall of Fame & was put on the International Grandmasters Council. 

In 2007, he became a Doh-yi master with daoist priest Jaing Jing Sun Baek specializing in Wu-Tang sword and Dao-in. In 2008, he received grandmaster scrolls from ninjitsu Grandmaster Ashida Kim & Grandmaster Lawrence Day black dragon. During 2011, he received IMACC professorship, grandmaster in Grandmaster John Wong’s tanglang lotus clan & received a 9th° black belt in the Pierce combat method, kajukenbo & the black dragon fighting society. 

He helped build the Yang Tze Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona under Master and Dr. Xiao Pu Quan. Jerry Cook has won over 50 national black belt championships & has produced over a dozen books & videos in the arts. Master cook specializes in teaching & certifying martial arts instructors in more than 200 schools. He has learned from some of the greatest teachers of the time & enjoys sharing that knowledge with others.
Grand Master Xiao Puquan
This is an image of Grand Master Xiao Puquan
Sifu Xiao Pu-Quan Member of National Research Institute for Shaolin Martial Arts, China Member of Qigong Research Institute, Yulin, Guangxi China Member of Shaolin & Qigong Research Institute, Wenshan, Yunan Province, China Staff Member at Nanhai Shaolin Martial Arts Center, Guangdong, China Training Coach for Sichuan Chang Kai Martial Arts Team, Sichuan, China Graduate of Chang Chun University of Chinese Medicine, China.

Major concentration: Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Internal Healing Arts. - Clinical Specialty: Bone injury and surgery, Martial arts medicine/ sports medicine. Martial Arts Specialty:Shaolin Wushu/ Kung Fu, Shaolin Hard Qigong,Traditional Tai Chi Quan, Shaolin Fighting Arts and Advance Shaolin Warrior Fighting Techniques etc. Master Xiao has been honored as an emissary to promote Shaolin Martial Arts and Chinese Healing Arts to the World. He has been invited to lecture tours all over China including Tibet,Yunan Guanxi, and more than 20 other provinces and regions in China. Master Xiao has come to the United States from China. He is here to promote his unique system of healthy mind and body development through the seminar and workshop programs at Sacred Mountain Fighting and Healing Arts.

Master Xiao was born into a martial arts family, and began his kung fu training at an early age. He had learned various wushu kung fu fighting techniques under a number of well-know martial arts instructors. At a young age, Master Xiao entered the Songsan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province China to study Shaolin Kung Fu under the Reverend Shi Xing Chang, who was also a disciple of the famous Abbott De Chan. Master Xiao is the 33rd generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple. His Buddhist title is Shi Yong Kai. 

Sacred Mountain Instructors

This is an image of Grand Master Xiao Puquan

At Sacred Mountain, we believe strongly in spreading our love of martial arts in our community.  Each of our Certified Instructors undergoes a rigorous 18 month training program in addition to their regular training.
"This is one of the best martial arts schools I have been to. Sifu Banks is very knowledgable and keen to help in all aspects of training. The studio is spacious, well lit and has a great number of training tools. They have dummies, practice pads, iron rings, a wooden man and a huge array of exotic weapons which the owner is only too happy to show you. The students are friendly and welcoming and the training is intense! The program is varied and runs frequently and they seem to have a number of different events always on their schedule. I would thoroughly recommend it!"
Fabio Marzo
"Throughout my life I have had trouble learning the entire form of Tai Chi. I tried 5 times. Sifu Matthew Banks has a different style of teaching that really helped me learn and stay interested in the form. He uses drills to teach the more complicated ideas, and these drills work. In just over a year I have learned the entire 108 form and now fine tuning the details. If you are interested in learning Tai Chi this school is the place."
Eddie Malooly
"Whether you are looking to improve self discipline, self confidence, self defense, or just get more physically fit, Sacred Mountain Fighting and Healing Arts is the place for you. The tai chi classes Saturday morning are a perfect way to recover after a long stressful week. The Kung fu classes are great fun, a great cardio workout, and let's be honest, who doesn't want to know Kung fu?!? If you're in the Flagstaff area, you need to check this place out!"
Chris Davis
"I had never thought of doing kung fu until I randomly stumbled upon this place downtown. I wasn't sure what to expect but after attending for a year and a half now, I couldn't be happier with the experience. In classes we improve our flexibility, self-defense skills, strength, and traditional forms. It's an awesome environment to be part of!"
Danielle Richards
"A very well balanced place to gain personal knowledge! Sifu Banks and his students are excellent instructors and provide great support and motivation towards any goal you want to achieve in or out of the school."
Jesse Lupton
"Sifu Banks is amazing! Very knowledgeable and kind. Also very inclusive and really deeply cares about your development. I would highly recommend his school to everyone!"
Tatiana Dullum
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